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going on. the foeblgs are saying they don't mind missing sleep to get a good deal. at the tanger outlets, bargain hunters started early and there were plenty of door buster deals and mark downs and coupons. >> i have seen great deals. i went to coach and that is 50 and 10% off. 60% off. we got a great deal. that is his gift. >> i picked out my own christmas present. merry christmas to me. >> it's been a busy 14 hours at the fashion center at pentagon city. macy's and 18 other stores opened at 8:00. the rest of the mall opened at midnight. >> we got here and stayed a couple of hours and got some rest and came back. this is round two. >> it is the promise of holiday discounts that had many shoppers choosing the mall over sleep. for example, the gap is offering 50% off everything, but today only. >> it has been a lot of buy one get one free and 50% off. things that i know i need that i get sales on which is good. >> all the bags are an encouraging sign to retailers. >> people are definitely buying. we are seeing a lot of packages. it's really a good sign for us as retailers. >> to give the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1